Perfect With Pixel Exhibition

Ikebana Prints

A few months ago, I was invited to take part in the Perfect with Pixel exhibition at Bowling Green State University. I’m excited about the other artists I will be showing alongside, including Andy Au, a printmaking professor at Miami University. From my recent work, Ikebana was selected for the show. Last week, I had the series printed on super-nice Hahnemühle photo rag by the folks at Hanson Digital in San Francisco. I’m quite happy with how they turned out.

Ikebana Print Detail

I wrote the following artist statement a while back to explain the work:

Ikebana is a series of prints created by reconstructing a photograph of an Osaka streetscape. I wrote custom software to manipulate the photograph based on the brightness, or energy, of different regions. This energy is photographic information, and I am concerned with the transfer of that information in the work. The center of Osaka Ikebana is packed with dense, dark information, while the edges are composed of the ephemeral, high-energy information which disseminates itself like pollen or seed-pods.

Ikebana is composed of four 16″x20″ prints, hung in series.

On view at the Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery September 9 – October 5, with an opening reception on September 12.
Curated by Shaurya Kumar.

A few more photos of the ikebana prints are on flickr.

ikebana at perfect with pixel

According to my parents, who drove up to Bowling Green for the opening lecture and reception for the exhibition, Perfect with Pixel is a success. They took some photographs of the show for me, and even managed to schmooze with the curator, Shaurya Kumar, on my behalf. Thanks to Deborah Wood for what my mom describes as an introductory lecture that made her “understand what it is [I] do.”

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