ofWorkshop at eyebeam

white glove flocking screenshot

I checked out the openFrameworks workshop given by Zach Lieberman at the eyebeam today. I didn’t get around to creating a whole lot, as I spent most of my time trying to figure out when certain includes were being made for the openCV extension. Along the way, I made friends with #ifndef, #define and Andrew Bell (and had some bonus time with my friend Zach Gage), so it was an all-around good time. Above is an image I generated at a previous eyebeam hangout (eating data), since I didn’t produce much of note this time.

More info and source code on evan’s site.
Watch the animation on vimeo.

Deitch Sagmeister

Banana Wall at Sagmeister Opening

After work today I went to the Stefan Sagmeister opening at Deitch Projects with Andy. We met the man himself (well, he signed Andy’s poster at least), and got a good look at the banana wall, which was a little challenging to read. I’ll be back in a week to see the bananas all brown and altered. Check out more photos of the opening on flickr.

Mural Painting

paint on walls party

While the Harvard Din and Tonics were performing at a bar called “Mural,” we were creating our own collaborative mural in an aggregation of warehouses by the Suzhou creek. The Chinese-based web company Too Dou threw a party to inaugurate their new office space. They provided music, food, drinks, and paint. There were brushes and bottles as well as cans of spray paint. Shi Shu Yi gave me the heads-up on the party, and met Sam and I as we were eating lotus seeds to take us to the party. Lotus seeds, incidentally, are not as delicious or exotic as they may sound. They taste a lot like I imagine acorns would.

We met Marc van der Chijs, one of the founders of toodou, as well as some of Shi Shu Yi’s friends and the fabulous East-Asianist Christine Tsang.