ofWorkshop at eyebeam

white glove flocking screenshot

I checked out the openFrameworks workshop given by Zach Lieberman at the eyebeam today. I didn’t get around to creating a whole lot, as I spent most of my time trying to figure out when certain includes were being made for the openCV extension. Along the way, I made friends with #ifndef, #define and Andrew Bell (and had some bonus time with my friend Zach Gage), so it was an all-around good time. Above is an image I generated at a previous eyebeam hangout (eating data), since I didn’t produce much of note this time.

More info and source code on evan’s site.
Watch the animation on vimeo.

Mario Hills

Initially, I was going to create a waving field of grass similar to the Barbarian Group's work for Saturn. I got sidetracked, however, when I realized how much I liked the round caps in flash when I really bumped up the stroke-size. The result is a landscape of gelatinous hills. Each hill moves using forward-kinematics to recoil if the mouse gets too close. This sketch also pulls colors from a source image.

Download Source

Rolling Along

Playing around with shy objects rolling along the bottom of the screen.
In making this, I discovered that an object's x-y axes change along with its rotation. While this could facilitate certain collision-detection operations, it made a mess of the mouse coordinates during rolling. The simple solution was to create a sprite inside of the ball in which all graphics are drawn and rotations are handled. That allowed the outer sprite/movieclip to behave predictably. I also added a simple utility class to grab a random color from a loaded image; it's not quite as simple to do as in processing, but it works fine. Next up, I'll try to make an egg wobble along (any suggestions on how to handle that would be appreciated).

Download source.