LACDA Juried Show

ikebana altered photograph

‘Ikebana’, one of my restructured photographs, was accepted into a juried show at the Los Angeles Digital Art Center. It’s a 32″x 12″ semi-floral image that abstracts a photograph I took of a restaurant district in Osaka. I’m looking forward to seeing the work on paper, as I haven’t yet been able to find an affordable printer in NYC.

If you live in/around LA, stop by the gallery between April 10 and May 3 to see my work and that of a whopping 39 others. I’m going to see if I can make it to the opening on April 10, since I’ll be in San Francisco that week/end.

The images were created with Processing.
More information on the LACDA website. is shiny again

website screenshot with ava luna visuals open

I took some time over the past few weeks to bring my portfolio site up to speed for the new year. Take a minute to check it out. A few new projects are in, and I revamped the interface to include way more fun. I enjoyed making it, and I hope you’ll enjoy looking at it.

website screenshot with dumbo arts festival project openwebsite screenshot with shanghai projects open

The back-end is currently a flat XML file, but I’m working on getting a simple CMS built in Ruby/rails (the animation stuff is so much more fun). I successfully integrated a rails back-end with a flash interface for a project at work using RubyAMF (for some details on how to do that yourself, check Mark Llobrera’s tutorial), but I still find working with the mediatemple rails install a bit tricky. Once I figure everything out on my server side, I’ll likely do a log-type entry to describe the process.