Gallery Hopping, SF

Dipping my toes into the SF gallery scene yesterday with Becky exposed a few interesting pieces of art, and a world of gallerists significantly different from those in NYC. At nearly every gallery, we were greeted by someone who explained their current offerings and talked about upcoming shows.

The Secret Garden diorama by Su Blackwell

My favorite work was in the Summer Reading exhibition by the Hosfelt Gallery, a collection of artworks inspired by literature. The collection included a series of dioramas by Su Blackwell. Each was constructed from the pages of a book to recreate the world of the words inside a beautiful wooden box. Pictured here is ‘The Secret Garden,’ which has a door opening into the box and is the most immediately striking. Others in the series contain lights, a moving carousel, and other small mechanical inclusions. The words on the pages, naturally, tend to relate to the forms they construct, like a suitcase with the word ‘trunks’ legible on its side.

Another successful exhibition was of contemporary chinese art at the Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery.

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