Return Trip: China

After three years away, I made it back to China to see a friend and do some exploring in Sichuan. The trip was eventful, logistics were a bit stressful due to my limited Chinese, and I’m not sure how to write about it. For now, I offer a pictorial overview of our itinerary, with some captions:


Our first stop in China was Shanghai. Lyn picked us up from the airport at night and drove us through the steel-sided canyons around highways under construction into the city. We spent about five days in the city before

Bicycles near Moganshan Lu art district
Huangpu River, from the Bund
Huangpu River View
View from the World Financial Center
World Financial Center Observation Deck
Bei Si Ta, Suzhou
Bei Si Ta


Chengdu served as a home-base for travel in Sichuan. Since we had a short schedule, we weren’t able to travel too far, but we went to some pretty awesome locations. For potential travelers, I recommend staying in a hotel near the “Tourism Distribution Center.”

Closed Temple, Leshan
Overgrown Temple
Leshan Dafo
Qingcheng Shang, the birthplace of Taoism
QingCheng Shan
Sanxingdui Museum
shu mask

Return to Shanghai

We made it back to Shanghai in time to celebrate Lyn’s birthday after a quick stop in Anhui province to climb Huangshan.

Daytrip to Huangshan
Lyn’s Photo Studio

You can see more/larger photos of the trip in my China collection (or Becky’s photostream, if she gets around to it) on flickr.

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