Sustainable Inkjet Papers

After seeing that all the cool kids were printing with Hahnemühle photo rag, I decided to have a look at their papers. It turns out that in addition to their standard cotton papers, they make some papers with Bamboo and Sugar Cane as part of their green rooster environmental initiative. I’m all for trying to make work responsibly, so I ordered a few sizes of each. As I discover other responsible inkjet papers, I’ll post them here.

bamboo image

One thing I’m also looking forward to is the “unsurpassed feeling of intimacy and energy” (Hahnemühle) with which the bamboo paper will allegedly imbue my prints.

The papers:
  • From Hahnemühle:
  • Bamboo (ordered)
  • Sugar Cane (ordered)
  • From Moab:
  • Moenkopi Washi, a mulberry bark paper.
  • From Red River Paper:
  • GreenPix 100% recycled photo paper.
  • From Mohawk:
  • Loop series paper. Can’t find it anywhere…

Edit: I made a series of prints on the Bamboo paper for a show next week. While I don’t have much to compare it to, I love the way it looks and feels. Very satisfied with the paper choice.