Random-Walking Cubes

Walking Cubes

I finally returned to a 3-d random walk sketch I set up in Flash a few months ago. Happily, Papervision3D now reliably initializes the graphics context and actually renders the cubes inside the flash player (I downloaded the latest Great White and patched my code over tonight).

The cubes bounce along on a random trajectory and fluctuate to the music. Michael Lengel, aka mlerin , provided the sweet audio tracks.

Interact with the walking cubes.

Mario Hills

Initially, I was going to create a waving field of grass similar to the Barbarian Group's work for Saturn. I got sidetracked, however, when I realized how much I liked the round caps in flash when I really bumped up the stroke-size. The result is a landscape of gelatinous hills. Each hill moves using forward-kinematics to recoil if the mouse gets too close. This sketch also pulls colors from a source image.

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