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For a time now, I’ve been posting things on flickr, vimeo, this blog, twitter, archiving projects in various ways, and using tools like delicious and (recently) ffffound to keep track of things that come to me through the tubes. My stuff, like many other people’s, exists in a lot of places on the internet, and it became far too many to continue to tack onto an increasingly tall sidebar. So I stripped everything out (pretty much), and replaced it with a new website.

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New: Project Archive and Splash Page

new sansumbrella homepage

Depending on how you get here, you may have noticed the new splash page. Coinciding with the creation of a quick-and-dirty project archive, I put together a homepage that lets you, the user, decide which of my sites to visit. That’s the only thing it does. Previously, an .htaccess file rewrote requests for to

archive site image

The archive is a python script that walks through directories and wraps the contents in appropriate html for display. It will make it easy for me to catalogue past work and make available more of my work that doesn’t necessarily get written up in my blog or make it into my portfolio. I will be actively updating the archive, but the python codebase should be pretty stable. If anyone knows how I can map cleaner urls so I don’t have to point you to my cgi-bin, please let me know.

View the project archives.
View the splash page.

edit: I updated the design of the archive site. The columns float, and you can tell what project you’re on thanks to a header above the images. A few other minor design changes were made to make it look more like this blog. Thanks to Zach for the impetus to do something other than strip the default styling down to Helvetica.

update: I figured out the mod_rewrite business necessary to make the urls in the archive site pretty. Please visit and bookmark away on the newer version of the archive at