Box Clock

{"src":"ipad-2up-01.png","caption":"iPad Screenshots (9pm)"}

iPad Screenshots (9pm)

Box Clock turns the time into a physics-based playground. It lets you play with time.

Physically, time is divided into seconds, minutes, and hours. Each minute and each second is represented by a box you can push, balance, or fling around. The hour is shown as a number of bars in the background.

In addition to physical manipulation, Box Clock lets you play with the speed of time. Time can be accelerated, stopped, or allowed to go at its usual pace.

{"src":"ipad-2up-02.png","caption":"iPad Screenshots (2am)"}

iPad Screenshots (2am)

Box Clock Trailer

Music: “Café Connection” by morgantj

I originally built Box Clock as a Flash web toy. I first ported it to iOS in 2009. I rewrote and redesigned the iOS version of Box Clock in 2013.

Play with the original. (Flash)

You can embed the web version on your own site by clicking “embed” in the original clock. The colors can be changed by entering hex values for the noon and night parameters.

Box Clock uses the Box2D physics library by Erin Catto. The new iOS version is built with Cinder.

Spherical Samples

Spherical Samples



Word Shift

Word Shift