Timelapse script for TI-83

I used my graphing calculator as an intervalometer to record a timelapse of our installation in Minneapolis this Summer at Northern Spark. The calculator sent a pulse to my camera over a 2.5mm audio cable. The BASIC code for a TI-83+ is below:

This post is mostly to test out the oEmbed functionality in wordpress, which is pretty neat. You do need to write the url in the HTML editor in order to avoid the automatic <p> tags breaking the embed. Even viewing it in the visual mode breaks them.


Coral Fungus

I recently moved to Indiana, land of thunderstorms and partners in graduate school. Part of my plans while here are to spend more time on personal projects rather than professional ones and to look for some small opportunities to teach. I am doing some freelance work, the results of which I’m looking forward to sharing in a month or so.

LA C++ Meetup: Cinder chat

For the past few months, Corey Porter has organized the LA C++ meetup. We’ve been hosting them at Oblong Industries in downtown LA, and it’s been a nice place to learn about the language and absorb bits of knowledge from experienced coders.

I spoke for a bit about Cinder, it’s basic structure, and went into a bit more detail on how the timeline works. You can look at an edited version of the slide deck. I removed the images of other people’s work (just in case), and instead just provide links to their sites, which you should visit. The slides probably won’t make a ton of sense without someone talking over them to pull it together, but there are code snippets which may be useful to people getting started with Cinder.

Some useful posts on the Cinder forums

The Cinder forums are a great place to learn. Following are some of the posts I find myself going back to for technical reference.

Boulder, briefly

Looking down a trail towards evergreen trees and the flatiron mountains.

On Monday, I spent the day at Wall Street on Demand in Boulder, CO. I was invited by Christo Allegra to talk about my work and give a brief workshop on the Cinder framework. The talk went well, and I liked presenting in the casual environment of the office; rocking chairs, couches, and cups of tea. My presentation was titled “Sampled landscapes, synthetic terrain” which seems to have gone over well enough.

WSOD has a relationship with RMCAD, and they provided design mentors for students in an their interaction design course this semester. The semester happens to have recently ended, so I also participated as a guest reviewer for their final presentations on Monday. I was impressed by the high quality of the student presentations. The solutions to the problems they defined were fun and displayed well.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the area long enough for a proper hike. I did get to go for a brief walk about a reservoir to start my day, though.