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abandoned house

I’m starting to look for my next apartment, and I’m sick of doing the copy+paste dance to find out where craigslist postings are actually located. I wanted to be able to highlight an address on the page, hit a shortcut, and be taken to a map of that location.

After a quick google search, I couldn’t find any bookmarklets with the behavior I wanted. As a result, I took a few minute to write my own. The following is a simple bookmarklet that queries for the selected text using google maps. If nothing is highlighted, you will be prompted to enter an address.

Drag the following to your bookmarks bar:
Find in maps

You can take a look at the source code for the bookmarklet on github.

Time Spent Alone

time spent alone main page

I just started a new online project at The site’s name plays on the peculiar brand of connected separateness that characterizes our era and the fact that I currently live alone. On it, I will be presenting a series of projects that deal in varying levels of joking and seriousness.

Currently, there are two completed projects on time spent alone. Things left behind is a series of photographs and words that capture an early morning experience of solitude on the beach. Each photograph is connected to a phrase in the story, allowing a non-linear experience of the text. Unraveling is a musing on what it would mean if everything we understood where slowly shifting and falling apart. The interactive portion of unravel was built using processing.

While working on the site, I noticed everything looked way better in Safari (and Plainview) than it did in Firefox. I did a bit of googling for browser color profile support, and came up with an oldish CNET article about how Safari added ICC profile support. This is awesome. Unfortunately, lots of people out there don’t use Safari as their main browser. If you’re a Firefox fan, you can get color profile support by installing the Color Management Add-on. If you’re on IE, please switch to Firefox, or accept that the web you’re seeing just isn’t as beautiful as it could be. If you use Chrome, send lots of email to Google telling them to add color profile support to their browser. Wouldn’t it be nice if graphics on the web were finally treated as first-class citizens in all browsers?

things left behind